Antibacterial wallpaper

Robust fiberglass wallpaper with antibacterial properties. It is breathable, durable, and withstands cleaning.

This wallpaper is ideal for health facilities by virtue of its antibacterial properties and its high tolerance for cleaning, even with disinfectants.

Weight: 295 g/m²
Thickness: 410 µm
Opacity: 0.79 %
Tear resistance (lengthwise): 1,000 N
Tear resistance (crosswise): 1,200 N
Building-material class (DIN EN 13501-1):  C-s1, d0
Chemical emissions rating (DIN EN 50215): A+
Width: 100 cm

The wallpaper is dimensionally stable even under dry or damp conditions. The material dries quickly.

The surface to which it is applied must be dry, clean, smooth (Q4 smoothness), and sound.

Before applying the wallpaper, pretreat the surface with a suitable primer. Treat shiny patches with a self-etching primer.

We recommend using a paste purchased at a wallpaper store. The wallpaper is applied using conventional wallpapering techniques. Room and surface temperatures should not fall below 8° C. Apply the wallpaper paste uniformly with a paint roller or an airless sprayer to cover a space the width of 1-2 strips of wallpaper. Application of 200g-350g of paste per square meter is recommended.

Carefully press excess wallpaper length into the corners and trim with a utility knife.

The wall paper can be overlapped and double cut for nearly invisible seams.

Carefully remove any paste from the printed side using a clean cloth dampened with clean water.

Drying time at normal room temperature (18° C) is at least 12 hours. Prevent drafts while the paste is drying.

Apply a white base coat before adhesive.
For drywalls use the adhesive Metylan Direct Vliestapetenkleister.

Antibacterial wallpaper
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