Most plastics are considerably lighter than other materials because they are so thin. Although they are comparatively weak, plastic parts break less easily than ceramics or glass, for example. But in contrast to metals, they are sensitive to organic solvents such as alcohol, acetone, and benzene. At first glance, the various plastics look alike, but they have entirely different properties due to the particular chemical composition of each. We print on the rear surface of transparent plastics to protect the design and to preserve the surface characteristics of the material.

Braille Marking for Guidance Systems, Signage, Informational Signs in an Innovative Process
Braille printed on all smooth substrates such as glass , plastic and metal , laminates and composite panels and others with our innovative process. This novel creation of Braille on substrates is inexpensive, uncomplicated, and very flexible. In comparison to conventional processes, for example, the length of a Braille text is unlimited.

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