Vinyl-Acrylic Impact Protection

Acrylic-vinyl protective wall panels are impact- and scratch-resistant, B1 self-extinguishing, and resistant to chemicals. Because these panels are quite thin, they are suitable as protection for walls and wainscoting in new construction as well as in subsequent renovation.

Acrylic-vinyl wall covering allows for thorough cleaning, since it resists acids, alkaline solutions, chemicals, and disinfecting agents. The material is especially well-suited for medical centers and similar public facilities. On request, the acrylic-vinyl panels can later be given an antibacterial coating.

Easily fit to corners: The material is grooved on the back and is fitted to wall corners on site, then glued in place.

Special colors available for orders of 200 qm or more.
Building-materials class: B1 (DIN 4012)
Rockwell hardness (R scale): 94
Modulus of Rupture: 66 MPa (ASTM D-790)
Tensile strength: 42 MPa (ASTM D-790)
Panel dimensions in mm: 2440 x 1220, 3000 x 1500
Panel thickness in mm: 1 or 2

Acryli-, vinyl-, PVC-free; available as sheets 1.5 mm thick and having dimensions of 3,000 mm x 1,250 mm. Limited selection of colors.

The substrate should be clean, smooth, dry, and free of dust. Residual moisture: 0.4% or less. Substrate primed as needed. Prime drywall before mounting. Apply the adhesive to the smooth side of the panel, not directly to the wall. Finally, press the acrylic-vinyl panels against the wall using a rubber roller.
Caulk as needed with ordinary cross-linked silicone.
Adhesives: Ottocoll TopFix A 265 for all absorbent substrates such as gypsum board or masonry; Ottocoll M 500 for nonabsorbent substrates. Coverage: approx. 300-350 g/m².

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