Decorative Films for Glass

Self-adhesive decorative films are glued while wet to large glass surfaces—even to those already installed—in strips that slightly overlap. Foils that are transparent or semi-transparent in appearance are available. The back of the material is sticky. If you wish, additional protection is available for the front surface through the application of a hygienic, protective laminate that is easily wiped clean.

Width: 1500 mm

Mounting instructions
A rubber squeegee or roller, as well as a spray bottle filled with water and a drop of dish detergent, are required for bonding to glass.

Before affixing the film, thoroughly clean the glass surface. Pull the protective film from the adhesive-coated side and spray it with water from the spray bottle, temporarily neutralizing the adhesive. Now the film can be laid on the glass substrate and slid into the correct position. Finally, use the squeegee or the roller to press the water outward, toward the edges of the film.

Then let the film dry thoroughly.

Decorative Films for Glass
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