Laminated paper wall-coverings

Smooth, washable wallpaper with a protective laminate to shield walls against moderate stresses. To clean, use conventional, mild cleansers and biocides. Before applying any such cleaning agent, text it on the surface.

Roll widths in cm:  136 and 152 (without laminate)
Thicknes in µm  250 (plus 120 for the laminate)
Weight in g/m²: 212 (without laminate)
Material:  Paper with latex, monomeric plasticized PVC

The material is applied to the wall like ordinary wallpaper.

The underlying surface must be dry, sound, clean, flat, and free of substances that might impair adhesion. The temperature of the surface to be wallpapered must be +12° C or higher.  

Adhesive: Henkel Metylan Spezial

Laminated paper wall-coverings
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