Ceramic Impact-Protection

The ceramic coating applied to various support panels is:
- Impact-resistant
- Non-flammable, A2
- Resistant to living organisms and chemicals
- Waterproof
- UV-resistant

The ceramic coating offers a beautiful surface texture with brilliant colors on support panels that need to be fire-, moisture- and impact-resistant, as well as hygienic. Very well suited to surfaces of all kinds in punishing environments such as public areas, clean rooms, damp spaces, and clinics. Graffiti is easily removed.

Building-materials Class (DIN EN 13501-1): A2-s1.

Stain-resistance (EN 438-2:2005): Grade 4, Group 1.

Taber abrasion in mg (EN 13310-2003): Δm- 64 mg.

Rockwell hardness (MPa): 70.

Scratch-resistance in N (EN 438-1:1991): 3.

Brinell hardness (EN ISO 2039-2): 44 - 74 depending on the support panel.

Panel dimensions in mm: 1,200 x3,030; 600 x 1,270, depending on the support panel; other dimensions on request.

Maximum size in mm: 1,250 x 3,000.

Sheet thickness in mm: 10 – 50, depending on the support panel; other dimensions on request.

Support-panel density (Kg/m³): 1,280 or 1,500.

Ceramic Impact-Protection
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