Protective Wall Film

Protective wall film, sealed with PVC. Matte finish, self-adhesive.
- prevents scratches
- protects against dirt
- protects against wear and tear

Applicable to all smooth, dry, flat surfaces, including walls coated with latex paint. To clean, use mild, conventional cleansers and biocides. Before applying any such cleaning agent, text it on the surface.

Avoid using harsh cleaning agents such as acetone, propanol, etc.

Edges should be sealed with silicone as needed to protect the polycarbonate from moisture intrusion.

Material: Monomeric plasticized PVC
Thickness: µm 100 (plus 120 for the laminate)
Max. shrinkage FTM 14: ≤ 1,0 mm
Film width: 1360 oder 1520 mm (without laminate)

Protective Wall Film
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