Polyester Matting

Polyester matting offers excellent dimensional stability and substrate coverage to smooth irregularities. Its non-flammable quality and exceptional skin-friendliness makes it very well suited for applications in public spaces requiring a high degree of safety.
The following interior surfaces are suitable as substrates:
· Mineral plaster from mortar group PI, PII and PIII
· Stuccos and finishing compounds from mortar group IV
· Drywall
· Concrete surfaces

The substrate must be flat, stable, dry, completely free of all contaminants, and able to bear a load. The lower working-temperature limit for surface- and ambient temperature is +5 °C.

Adhesive: Capacoll GK
Application Method: Apply Capacoll GK evenly with a roller having an 18mm (3/4") nap. Spread adhesive no more than twice the matting width, depending on temperature. Distribute the glue as evenly as possible. An accumulation of adhesive under the fabric will distort the image on the surface. Bond with an overlapped seam or edge-to-edge.

Weight: 150 g/m²
Width: 750 mm

Polyester  Matting
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