Alucobond is a non-flammable, aluminum composite panel with a 2 - 3 mm mineral core and a 0.5 mm aluminum top layer. Alucobond A2 achieves the highest level of fire protection and is suitable for all areas where fire protections plays an important role: clinics, hotels, public buildings etc.
A2 composite panels release no toxic fumes in case of fire and emit no other environmentally harmful substances during its life cycle. Alucobond composite panels are lightweight, rigid, and flat.
They are easy to cut into shapes and to bend, and are available in sizes up to 800 cm in length.

Building-materials class: EN 13501-1A2 s1 d0
Thickness: 3 - 4 mm
Panel width: 125 or 150 cm
Panel length: up to 800 cm

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