This Plexiglass, suitable for printing on the back, is available in two grades: extruded (XT) or poured (GS). Plexiglas GS is cast in a form made of glass panels. It is virtually as clear as glass and scratch resistant, with a mirror-smooth, shiny surface. Cast acrylic exhibits greater rigidity than the extruded form. By contrast, Plexiglas XT is produced in an extrusion process. We compensate for variations in transparency with differing paint applications. Printed on the back, Plexiglass is washable on the front.

Both the GS and the XT grades are relatively resistant to breaking with unrivaled tolerance of atmospheric conditions and resistance to aging. Because of its low density, acrylic “glass” weighs only about half as much as ordinary, silica glass, a feature that simplifies handling.

· Coefficient of expansion: 0.00007 (GS) or 0.0000065 (XT)
· B2 normal flammability according to DIN 4102.
· Panel thickness: 1 - 10 mm (XT), 1 - 25 mm (GS)
· Panel dimensions: 205 x 305 cm. Other sizes on request.

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