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Fiberglass with latex foam

>>more Fiberglass with latex foam as acoustic wallpaper with a smooth- or embossed surface for reducing reverberation time within a room.  · Roll Width: 100 cm · Thickness: approximately 3 mm  ·

Decorative Films for Glass

>>more Self-adhesive decorative films are glued while wet to large glass surfaces—even to those already installed—in strips that slightly overlap. Foils that are transparent or semi-transparent in

Rough Chipboard

>>more Universally useable, easy to work, and economical. Despite their relatively light weight, chipboard panels convince through their tremendous stability. A rough chipboard panel is produced from

Rough Chipboard for Fire Protection

>>more Flame-resistant rough chipboard retains all of the material's underlying characteristics, such as workability, stability, weight, etc. Building-materials class B1 also suits the panel to a range of

MDF-Lightweight Panels

>>more A panel built from strips of MDF has a very low dead weight paired with high degree of stability. The panels are easily cut to size and edged. Sheet dimensions in mm: 2440 x 1220, 3050 x 1220,

HPL-Light Construction

>>more Chipboard panels for light construction weigh 30% less than conventional panels. Polystyrene balls replace part of the wood chips in the middle layer. Working characteristics are identical to

HPL for Damp Spaces

>>more The mineral filler of silicate fire-resistant panels makes them resistant to moisture, dimensionally stable, and self-supporting. Shock-resistant gypsum fiberboard (see also fire-resistant HPL) is


>>more Fire-protection is preserved by installing as support panels fire-resistant panels combined with 0.5 mm HPL layer. Depending on the country, case-by-case authorization may be required. HPL combined


>>more Depending on your application and requirements, we employ different kinds of fabric with the greatest variety of properties, in both visual appearance and function. Our fabric decorations offer a


>>more Most plastics are considerably lighter than other materials because they are so thin. Although they are comparatively weak, plastic parts break less easily than ceramics or glass, for example. But


>>more With engineered films, we provide a clear, modern color rendition for existing surfaces such as glass, walls, cabinet doors, etc. Suitable for all dry, flat substrates. Large surfaces are glued

Standard Films

>>more Depending on the surface, self-adhesive standard films are available in matte or glossy finish. An additional lamination protects the surface, making it hygienic and easy to wipe clean. In

Polyester Matting

>>more Polyester matting offers excellent dimensional stability and substrate coverage to smooth irregularities. Its non-flammable quality and exceptional skin-friendliness makes it very well suited for


>>more Aluminum in rods and sheets has an array of desirable characteristics, including its modest thickness compared to steel or other heavy metals, its workability. It is also incombustible. In

Protective Wall Film

>>more Protective wall film, sealed with PVC. Matte finish, self-adhesive. - prevents scratches - protects against dirt - protects against wear and tear Applicable to all smooth, dry, flat surfaces,

Backlit acoustic fabric

>>more Polyester fabric can be backlit, is wrinkle-free and elastic; optimal for stretched-ceiling lighting and textile architecture. Backlighting with LEDs produces beautiful, uniform, illumination. The

Acoustical wallpapers

>>more Acoustic wallpapers in various thicknesses and surfaces are a decorative and economical way to reduce the noise level in a space. Sound-blocking averages between 25% and 55%, depending on wallpaper

Acoustic ceiling canopies

>>more Sound-absorbing ceiling canopies made of aerated glass are an effective, decorative way to improve the acoustics of an existing space. Color and shape are entirely up to you. Free-floating ceiling

Antibacterial wallpaper

>>more Robust fiberglass wallpaper with antibacterial properties. It is breathable, durable, and withstands cleaning. This wallpaper is ideal for health facilities by virtue of its antibacterial

Laminated paper wall-coverings

>>more Smooth, washable wallpaper with a protective laminate to shield walls against moderate stresses. To clean, use conventional, mild cleansers and biocides. Before applying any such cleaning agent,

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