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break proof


>>more Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) has a fine, almost homogeneous construction, with smooth, stable edges. Fine-grained, homogeneous, highly-compressed core Uniform, high-density surface


>>more HPL: High-pressure laminate, our most durable material, is extremely versatile. We always get a vivid image with a slightly matte surface, on any kind of supporting panel. Compatible with a

HPL - Antibacterial

>>more The anti-bacterial effect of silver ions in HPL is permanent and therefore ideally suited for use in medical facilities. All other HPL characteristics remain


>>more PETG is a colorless thermoplastic with high impact strength. By printing on the back, we produce a bright, contemporary visual effect. Suitable for interior use. Washable on the unprinted side.

PC (Polycarbonate)

>>more PC (Polycarbonate), printed on the front or rear, distinguishes itself in its extreme resistance to impact and breakage. Good stability as it ages, regardless of atmospheric conditions; comparable

PC convex/concave

>>more PC (convex/concave), printed on the front and used as a domed canopy to define and accent areas of a room. The canopies, available with a radius of 60 degrees or 90 degrees, are easily fastened to

Finely-perforated steel sheets

>>more Finely-perforated steel sheets with an acoustic layer, are used as paneling and ceiling decking for sound insulation. Suitable for cooling ceilings. Thermally conducting. · Hole diameters of 0.7

Rough Chipboard

>>more Universally useable, easy to work, and economical. Despite their relatively light weight, chipboard panels convince through their tremendous stability. A rough chipboard panel is produced from

Rough Chipboard for Fire Protection

>>more Flame-resistant rough chipboard retains all of the material's underlying characteristics, such as workability, stability, weight, etc. Building-materials class B1 also suits the panel to a range of

MDF-Fire Protection

>>more A flame-resistant MDF panel in building-materials class B1 has the same physical and mechanical characteristics as an ordinary MDF panel. It can be shaped with ordinary wood-working machines. A


>>more Most plastics are considerably lighter than other materials because they are so thin. Although they are comparatively weak, plastic parts break less easily than ceramics or glass, for example. But

Polyester Matting

>>more Polyester matting offers excellent dimensional stability and substrate coverage to smooth irregularities. Its non-flammable quality and exceptional skin-friendliness makes it very well suited for


>>more Aluminum in rods and sheets has an array of desirable characteristics, including its modest thickness compared to steel or other heavy metals, its workability. It is also incombustible. In

Protective Wall Film

>>more Protective wall film, sealed with PVC. Matte finish, self-adhesive. - prevents scratches - protects against dirt - protects against wear and tear Applicable to all smooth, dry, flat surfaces,


>>more Acrylic-vinyl protective wall panels are impact- and scratch-resistant, B1 self-extinguishing, and resistant to chemicals. Because these panels are quite thin, they are suitable as protection for

Antibacterial Acrylic-Vinyl

>>more Antibacterial coverings for walls and wainscoting in clinical applications offers long-term protection against mold, bacteria, and germs. Acrylic-vinyl wainscoting protection is insensitive to

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