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non-sensitive to scratches


>>more Laminated panels are produced in accordance with DIN 438—worldwide standard ISO 4586. The laminate comes about through the deep injection and gluing together of multiple layers of


>>more HPL: High-pressure laminate, our most durable material, is extremely versatile. We always get a vivid image with a slightly matte surface, on any kind of supporting panel. Compatible with a

HPL - Antibacterial

>>more The anti-bacterial effect of silver ions in HPL is permanent and therefore ideally suited for use in medical facilities. All other HPL characteristics remain

Acoustic PMMA/PETG

>>more Acoustic PMMA/PETG, finely-perforated plastic panels with an image printed on the back, serve as a sound insulating, decorative material. By means of subtle perforations having a hole-diameter of

Wood Composites

>>more Wood composites such as chipboard, medium-density fiberboard, veneered plywood, among others, acquire a durable surface by means of printing or direct coating. Colors bind themselves to the surface


>>more Supporting panels combined with a laminate result in a compound structure with versatile qualities. Requirements for fire protection, weight, stability, and other special applications are met by

HPL-Light Construction

>>more Chipboard panels for light construction weigh 30% less than conventional panels. Polystyrene balls replace part of the wood chips in the middle layer. Working characteristics are identical to


>>more Acrylic-vinyl protective wall panels are impact- and scratch-resistant, B1 self-extinguishing, and resistant to chemicals. Because these panels are quite thin, they are suitable as protection for

Antibacterial Acrylic-Vinyl

>>more Antibacterial coverings for walls and wainscoting in clinical applications offers long-term protection against mold, bacteria, and germs. Acrylic-vinyl wainscoting protection is insensitive to


>>more Ceramics are a class of durable, nonflammable, environmentally-friendly construction material, that is easy to work with and to clean. Ceramic surfaces are a durable, hygienic wall treatment for

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